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Lawn Service Options

Lawn Service and Lawn Maintenance

Since every yard is unique, this is only a basic list of some of the services that Hornes Lawn and Landscaping provides to customers in the greater Jacksonville area.  Depending on the individual needs of each customer we can customize a lawn care program or lawn maintance program just for you.
I know that you would rather be enjoying other things on the weekends then working in your yard.

This what you should be doing on the weekends!

Residential Plans

Basic Lawn Service:

For individuals looking to save money, but have the bulk of the hard work done for them.  This includes:
Professional mowing, edging of hard surfaces and bed areas, line trim areas the mower can't reach, and blowing off all hard surfaces.

Full Service Lawn Care:

For customers looking to have it all taken care of.  This package includes

The basic lawn service package - plus shrub trimming, weed control in flower beds, and sprinkler system inspections.

We offer these lawn service plans in yearly, monthly, seasonal, and weekly.

Additional services available

Lawn weed and insect control, lawn and shrub fertilizer, mulch installation, sprinkler repair and programming, sod installation, and tree prunning and trimming.

Commerical Plans

Call today we can handle any size complex and any lawn or landscaping projects.
Apartments, Condos, retail locations, and we specialize in Home Owner Associations.
We can make the board or owners happy and less stressed.



What Our Lawns Can Do For Us
Our lawns are our private green space. They give us places to play and relax; they showcase our gardens and frame our homes. They also do alot more. 
They Clean the Air, Cushion our feet, Keep us dry thus keeping your yard from becoming muddy after a rain.  They also prevent erosion, cool the air, and ease allergies by absorbing pollen and dust.  Horne's Lawn and Landscaping will in turn maintain your lawn with a personnal lawn service plan.  Our lawn service options can give you the flexability to decide what is best for you and your family.
Why is professional lawn care important? Properly applied lawn care services, and correctly maintained lawns, make your soil work for, not against you. With professional services provided by your local lawn care expert your grass will grow more beautifully, much greener and infinitely healthier than your neighbor’s (because he insists on doing it himself). Contact US today and ask us to show you the Fastest Way to a Healthier Lawn.

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We also offer other services Mulch, Sod, Fertilizer, and Weed control.  If you need us for just one job or lawn service for years to come we can help.  It only takes one call and we can stop by and give you a free estimate
for Lawn Care 
We want to thank you for the opportunity to be your lawn service provider.  Remember if you live in Jacksonville Fl, Orange Park Fl, Oak Leaf, Argyle, Middleburg, Fleming Island, Mandarin, Julington Creek or Bryceville give us a call.

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